About Us

Our Mission Statement

’A desirable brand recognised as a symbol of empowerment to help reduce the stigma surrounding mental health’ 

About us

Bleu the movement was started by four friends that had in some way been affected by mental health, whether personally or witnessing friends or family suffer.

We wanted to create a brand that people would recognise as a symbol and an everyday reminder that they’re not alone and there are so many people and charities that are out there willing to support those suffering from any sort of mental illness.

The business was named 'Bleu. The Movement', to empower people with the same beliefs and common goal that we share, to remove the stigma around mental health and provide a platform for people to feel a sense of belonging.

We are going to focus on producing high end quality products at an affordable price that people want to wear everyday to ensure our message is received and we can achieve our goals.